Just one mile from Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, we propose Chatham Park, with fifty-one elegant condominiums, including 2-story penthouse units with magnificent city views, generous balconies and spacious terraces. We also plan to offer six duplex town-homes and six single-family homes to be delivered in phase II.

Chatham Park will offer refined contemporary living spaces that use exceptionally fine materials, creating homes designed to promote feelings of warmth and comfort. Residents will enjoy serene, spaciously proportioned, extensively landscaped, and luxuriously amenitized private interior garden space.

Chatham Park will offer residents a convenient location bounded by East and Ninth Streets, and Park Avenue, in the Chatham Arch neighborhood. It’s just a short stroll from Massachusetts Avenue in the northeast quadrant of Indianapolis city center. Prices are expected to range from the upper 200s to the upper 700s.



Chatham Park proposes to offer its new residents everything they need and want for convenient comfortable modern urban living including:

☑ Excellent modern luxury architecture with proportions exquisitely tailored to its neighborhood surroundings

☑ Extensive use of beautiful high quality materials including masonry and zinc finished metal

☑ An extraordinary range of unit types to provide options for every sort of home buyer

☑ Condominiums ranging from 947 square foot 1-bedroom/1-bath units with 12 foot ceilings to 2877 square foot                            3-bedroom/3.5-bath 2-story penthouse units with unobstructed skyline views and ceiling heights up to 22 feet

☑ 3-story 2200 square foot duplex town-homes with tuck-under garage parking

☑ Spacious 3-story detached single-family houses with option for a ground level “in-law suite”

☑ High-end fixtures and finishes throughout

☑ A tranquil setting just 5 minutes and 2.5 easy-to-walk blocks from shops, restaurants, and entertainment options of Massachusetts Avenue

☑ Located just 1.5 blocks from the acclaimed Center for Inquiry School No. 2 magnet school

☑ Pleasant building height variations reflective of the site’s diverse neighborhood surroundings

☑ Extensive interior open space, exquisitely landscaped to enhance the atmosphere of tranquility

☑ Attractive use of masonry pavers for interior drives and walkways to enhance pedestrian friendliness and aesthetics

☑ Indoor reception and lounge areas and outdoor gathering spaces ideal for social interaction

☑ Fitness center with high quality Life Fitness exercise equipment

☑ Bike-storage plus air and fix-it station

☑ Abundant parking for residents and their guests

☑ Residence prices ranging from the upper two-hundreds to the upper seven-hundreds

☑ 2172 square feet of retail space, dedicated to the needs of neighborhood residents



Chatham Park proposes all the best of old and new for today’s homeowners. We’re not just building homes, we’re furthering the renewal of a community by bringing back life to a long vacant property.

One hundred years ago, Indianapolis city center was a thriving community that offered a wide assortment of housing types for all sorts of people (singles, retired couples, extended families, and families with young children). Households at every life stage and income level lived in compact walkable areas. People could walk to work and meet their daily personal shopping, service, and social needs, within compact mixed–use neighborhoods. 

Today Indianapolis is well on its way to the reviving historic vitality of its downtown neighborhoods, and Chatham Park is proposed to be a critical linchpin to the renewal of a wonderfully mixed area on Chatham Arch’s western boundary. Chatham Park proposes to become the neighborhood’s most attractive and vibrant new carbon-footprint-minimizing community of urban homeowners. Where community once was decimated as part of the national “slum clearance” effort of the 1950s and 1960s following the US government’s Housing Clearance Act of 1949, Chatham Park will reintroduce new home ownership opportunities in a wide range of styles.

 The land for which Chatham Park is planned was formerly home to a population estimated at 150 people as well as a retail store. Chatham Park endeavors to reinvigorate a now unused expansive site in the highly desirable Chatham Arch neighborhood. The creation of downtown Indianapolis’s newest ownership community of exceptionally high quality residences aims to address center city’s severe shortage of new for-sale homes. It intends to bring homeowners back to the site, together with about 2000 square feet of shop space at the corner of Ninth and East Streets, across from the fire department headquarters and the commercial/retail space of the Chatham Center building.


SITE plan

Gracious Living In Center City's Upper East Side

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Chatham Park offers the perfect aesthetic blend with its architecturally diverse surroundings. It proposes two low-rise condominium buildings along the western boundary of the Chatham Arch neighborhood, stepping down considerably in height from an existing high-rise tower across East Street, before transitioning to single family homes and duplex town-homes blending with similarly scaled structures to the east along Ninth and Park Avenue.

Special efforts are underway to provide enclosed below-grade parking for all condominium residents and to provide enhancements for pedestrian comfort and safety, in addition to adding parkway-like landscape enhancements to Chatham Park’s East Street frontage.

Phase II of Chatham Park will complete the transition to the single-family houses and duplexes across Park Avenue from the site. Chatham Park plans a 3-story town-home duplex on Ninth Street, followed by a single-family home on the corner of Ninth and Park Avenue. Five additional single-family homes and two additional duplex town-homes are proposed along Park Avenue, where careful efforts have already been initiated to preserve seven oak trees to maintain and enhance a shaded tree-lined Park Avenue streetscape for many years to come.


We are targeting a mid-2018 completion date for Chatham Park. Would you like to know more? We can keep you informed so that you are among the first to hear about our progress and your ownership opportunity. Just click the link below to provide us with some contact info to make sure you are among the first to know. 




Chatham Park Development

201 North Illinois Street

16th Floor - South Tower

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240


We are pretty proud of what we are doing to promote the vitality of the Chatham Park neighborhood with what we think is a great project for this urban infill site. 

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